Touch [Launch Party]

Early 80s Synthpop / New-Wave / Italo-Disco

A journey through the pioneering sound of early 80s synth: a pivotal era for electro when the experimental sounds from the fringe of electronic music exploded into the mainstream.

From the neon glow of underground futurist dreamers came a new wave of synth driven pop that embodied the raw sequenced energy and driving basslines of 70s disco. Their arrival would come to define the sound of an era and form the crucial bridge to Chicago House and beyond.

Lost and rare 12” mixes from the archives of synth-pop, italo-disco and new wave mix with sounds of the contemporary synthwave movement to paint a retro neon atmosphere and uncover the lost spirit of this electronic age.

Mash House Loft [3rd Floor]
£3.50 Advanced / £5 Door