Games Are For Everyone

Come and join us on Thursday 10th September, as we turn The Mash House in Edinburgh into a beautiful combination of amazing bar and incredible indie games space.

Following on from our first night back in May, we’ll be showing off playable games, demos and installations by developers and artists from across Scotland (and further afield!), amidst a friendly atmosphere of drinks, music and wonderful people.

From hectic local multiplayer titles still in development, right the way through to games which share a space with interactive art, the night will be a celebration of all things video games, and absolutely everyone is welcome.

So if you’re interested in games in any way, shape or form – or just fancy seeing something new from some fantastic local devs/studios/artists – then we’d love for you to come along!

(Oh, and we should probably also mention that you can get your tickets for the night at our eventbrite page at too!)