Texture // Broken English Club (live) [LIES] / Palidrone DJs

First of all, thanks to everyone who managed to make it down for our March party with Schwefelgelb! We’ve just about recovered …

Next up we’re thrilled to be bringing you another live set, this time from Broken English Club!

Oliver Ho has been at the forefront of electronic music for over twenty years, having cut his teeth as an innovator on James Ruskin’s phenomenal Blueprint Records. His Broken English Club alias explores what he calls the “dark friction” between man and machine, a razor-sharp metallic sound that integrates the human chaos of EBM with the uncompromising machine-rhythms of Techno.

In Room 2 we’re teaming up with Palidrone, one of the best recent additions to Edinburgh nightlife, who have cemented their position as firm Edinburgh favourites with two sell-out nights at Mash and several guest appearances throughout the city.

Line Up
Broken English Club (L.I.E.S) / Cititrax / Jealous God)
Texture Residents
Palidrone Deejays on Rotation all Night Long

Catch you in the smoke!