Liquid Funktion | Chronology: Storm & Fixate

Off the back of our 3rd birthday bash which went down an absolute treat – Liquid Funktion return for another instalment of our ‘Chronology’ event series.

Chronology is all about celebrating the sound that is Drum & Bass – past, present and future. From the early days of jungle to the evolution into D&B to the sound we know today – the genre is varied, versatile and shows no signs of slowing down.

This time, we welcome two artists that we respect highly and that set pace with distinctive styles of their own.

DJ Storm, often referred to as ‘the first lady of drum & bass’ comfortably holds legendary status within the scene. Storm started out her career DJing with her good friend Kemi back in the mid-90s. Kemistry & Storm gained notoriety at the time with their powerful, dark and thrashing sets as a dynamic duo. The pair were largely responsible for getting Goldie into dnb and essential components of the early Metalheadz label. It is hugely saddening that Kemistry passed away in a traffic accident, however, her legacy lives on strongly in memory and respect within the scene as well as through her DJ partner and friend. It is with great pleasure that we welcome Storm to Edinburgh to take us through a set of what we can only expect to be definitive bangers from across the whole length and breadth of dnb/jungle. This will be special.

Fixate – A certified hype merchant repping the Exit Records UK camp. His sound is difficult to describe with words but we’ll give it a go anyway… Punchy, bass driven carnage layered with amens, captivating build ups and pummelling drops that’ll make you wanna go to 24h Asda and head-butt a pack of cornflakes. He manages to combine the essence of early rave with original jungle elements and a forward thinking, innovative approach that has carved himself a strong presence and niche in dnb. With some recent hard bodied releases, including a certain re-edit which caused ripples on the internet – we can’t wait to see what weaponry he brings to Edinburgh.

As usual, the Liquid Funktion residents will be on support. We’ll be dropping a liquid funk classics set, rolling out the essentials and timeless favourites from the vibe that has become our obsession.

All in all, this is set to be another wicked night and we hope to see your friendly faces in amongst it…


£12 on the door OR Tag names on the wall for £10 entry before 12.30am

Post a favourite old school classic on the wall and tag 2 mates in the comments to win x3 free entry.