The power and energy that emanates from Edinburgh-based Rebecca ‘SHEARS’ Shearing is undoubtedly evident, but so too are the cadences that flow at times with a shimmering sadness. SHEARS is pop music with a dark edge.
Growing up in Ayr, she was singing opera from the age of five, taking on piano, flute, and guitar through adolescence, all the while burying a deep love of Christina Aguilera and Destiny’s Child under stacks of notation and music theory. Having spent her formative years as a notable early star of the YouTube music community, which saw her build a vast online following, she moved to the capital aged 17 to study vocals at university, where she began writing the songs she wanted to sing.
‘Lyric writing for me is a great way to rid myself of any angst’ she explains. ‘Circle Line is about being stuck in an endless loop in a situation you could walk away from if you made the choice to. It’s about not learning, and not coming to your senses before you’re sent back around the loop again.’