Shapework / Skee Mask (3 Hour Set)

Following our second event of the year which saw us treated to a masterclass from Exit Records UK bossman DBridge, we’re delighted to welcome Munich’s Skee Mask for a 3-hour set.

Skee Mask is definitely one of the most versatile producers operating at the moment. Melding raucous driving percussion with subtle intricate textures, his sound is as distinctive as it is unique. Having found a near-permanent home on the now renowned Ilian Tape imprint, the combination allows for his exploration of sounds as well as tempos and styles.

This is reflected in his DJ sets/style, hopping seamlessly between distinct styles gives his sets an unpredictable and highly authentic feel- you’ll not forget a Skee Mask set. We’re honoured to have him navigate his way through an array of styles and tempos for 3 hours, this won’t be your typical 3 hour set of steady building monotony, strap in.