Shapework: Shapework & Friends

Shapework is back and they’re bringing their pals.

Jess Cohen
Co-founder, and one third of Texture, she has an almost encyclodpedic knowledge of new and interesting music, and her sound, similar to Shapework’s, doesn’t pigeon-hole itself to one particular genre. Bringing the likes of DjRum, Dr.Rubinstein + Stenny & Andrea to the capital: it’s fair to say she knows what’s up and we’re dead excited to see what she pulls out for this event. 

Faroh is a Glasgow based DJ, music enthusiast and all round hero we’ve wanted to have play for us for ages. His involvement in Glasgow’s burgeoning fringe scenes (R’n’G, Grime etc) doesn’t stop at playing gigs. He’s also fiercely dedicated to supporting these less represented scenes, by attending events and genuinely promoting the music he loves. His dedication is as admirable as it is consistent, and he’s also a killer DJ. He’ll be sparring in the booth with DJ Crime-Zone aka Crimzon for a selection of booty shaking jams.

Co-founder Zip Lock is holding down the middle slot on his ones – his weird and wonderful blends of dancehall and anything with weight is worth the £3 alone if you ask us.

£5 standard entry
// All tickets OTD 
// All proceeds go to charity