Shapework / dBridge

The second event in the Shapework series see’s DBridge (Exit Records UK) welcomed to the capital. We’d like to extend our thanks to those who partied with us & Kode9 at the series launch, which was an absolute stormer.


A veteran producer and one of the most experienced artists in drum & bass, Darren White aka dBridge is an artist whose multiple transformations and evolutions glide through a staggering list of achievements. Since releasing his first solo production under dBridge in 1995, he has gone on to release seminal underground pieces through labels such as Metalheadz, Reinforced, Hotflush, and more, whilst launching his famed Exit Records in 2003. Exit has gone on to create it’s own movement, becoming the lifeblood of its own scene, and has developed to encompass styles beyond strictly drum & bass.

Constantly exploring the potential, and boundaries of drum & bass music whilst staying several steps ahead of the rest, it seems inevitable that he will eternally remain one of the leading lights in independent underground music.