Samedia Shebeen with Nickodemus
Samedia is delighted to present one of our fave DJs and producers for a 2 hour set. Nickodemus, the mastermind behind the incredible label Wonderwheel Records, home to many of our fave tunes and artists, will be passing through Edinburgh on his latest world tour to demonstrate why so many people hold him in such high regard.
Nickodemus is a traveler at heart—a connecter of worlds, scenes, and people since the late-90s. Over his extensive career as a touring DJ and producer, including four albums and canonical tunes like “My Swing es Tropical” and “Cleopatra in New York”, he’s helped pave the way for an inimitable mix of global fusion and the heavy beats we yearn for in the club. His music has long thrived on the close relationships and mutual respect of friends he’s built across the continents, felt through the worldly potions he cooks up in the studio, and spanning electronic sounds rooted in Latin, African, and Eastern instrumentation. His latest album, A Long Engagement, serves as a culmination of the inspirations he’s absorbed and remains rooted in his life as native New Yorker and the city’s nostalgic energy.