Samedia Folkloric Session #3

Samedia Shebeen: Folkloric Session #3
Samedia’s occasional deep dive in the Latin American and Middle Eastern psychedelic folkloric sound returns for a meditative musical trip to help ease into January and the new year.
The folkloric sound describes music that marries traditional folk instrumentation and song with modern electronic production – key players include El Buho, Nicola Cruz, Chancha Via Circuito & Dengue Dengue Dengue. While often based on Andean and Amazonian folk traditions, our take on this amazing genre will be very relaxed, as we take you around the globe in a deeper and more downtempo journey than you might be used to at Samedia – although dancing is very much expected!
Come and explore this cosmos with us at The Mash House.
Samedia Folkloric Session #3
Saturday 7th January
£5+BF advance / £7 on the door