Ryot: Pleasure Pool (live)

‘The image has cracked – the centre cannot hold. In an age of too many backward-looking bands, with corpses in their mouths, Pleasure Pool have arrived. Like lost children, we will live our unfinished adventures, in an evening of reasoned derangement of the senses, resolving the paradoxical duality of the mind-body schism, by making you dance. Hard. If you don’t, we don’t care. After all, the tears of philistines are the nectar of the Gods.’

Celebrating 1 year from our first event at the Mash House.

This time round we are returning to room 2 of The Mash House. We will be joined by Pleasure Pool performing a full live set and also 3 DJs soundtracking the evening.



The 4 member band have said they want to keep things mysterious by only sending the statement above. All we can comment is the band consists of drums, vocals and synths and have an amazing psychedelic, electro sound. Unfortunately you won’t find much about them online due to their refreshing approach of shying away from social media and press, apart from being included in Glasgow Lives article ’12 reasons to be excited about the Glasgow music scene in 2018′. The electro band played at electric fields in 2018 and now they come to RYOT on the 13th of April.

RYOT -Scott Davidson B2B Ryan Wilson
WARM UP – Rory Millington