Rogue - Drum and Bass

Rogue Drum and Bass is a new club night in Edinburgh, born of the unholy union of Chapel Perilous and former ‘Fourbyfour’ and ‘Shake Yer Shoulders’ residents Octophant and Jack Simon. Bringing aboard an outstanding champion of Drum and Bass in Edinburgh for each event, we will explore the full spectrum of breakbeat innovation and showcase the best local talent, in an audio environment created by the Chapel Perilous Sound System.

Kicking off we are very pleased to bring you The 59th Degree’s own, Metragnome.

2-3 Metragnome (The 59th Degree)
1-2 Hecta Selecta (Chapel Perilous/Rave Rover)
12-1 Scunner (Chapel Perilous/Rave Rover)
11-12 Jon Perilous (Chapel Perilous/Rave Rover)
£3 before midnight/£5 after