Robert Forster
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Although commonly considered the darker, artier half of the creative force of the Go-Betweens — the John Lennon to Grant McLennan’s Paul McCartney, as it were — singer, songwriter, and guitarist Robert Forster has always had a knack for crafty pop songs along with the brooding ballads he contributed to the Go-Betweens’ albums, while his solo career — that began with 1990’s Danger in the Past, released after the first Go-Betweens split in 1989 — blended a healthy mix of both styles. By the time the band reunited in 2000, Forster had issued four solo albums beginning with 1993’s Calling from a Country Phone (1993). The band’s reunion in 2000 netted three critically acclaimed albums before McLennan’s untimely death in 2006 from a heart attack in his sleep; he was 48. Forster soldiered on as a music journalist and an author. He resumed recording with 2008’s The Evangelist (that included three songs by McLennan), which sold better than his earlier solo dates. He issued Songs to Play in 2015, and published Grant & I: Inside and Outside the Go-Betweens the following year. After a playing and reading tour, he released Inferno in 2019.