RMN.BTS 007 : Lamache (Discobar)

We’re heading back to our old stomping ground the mash house on 22nd april for our 1st birthday together.

Joining us will be berlin based lamache originally from toulouse, lamache’s career started at a young age within the industry. inspired by artists who, back then, and still today keep the underground electronic music scene thriving, he has quickly progressed amongst the ranks proving himself as a talented and versatile dj.

Moving first to paris to study electronic music culture and sound engineering, the exposure to a wealth of new and unique sounds and environments led him to make the natural migration to london, the melting pot of music, artists and culture.

Formerly a member of toi toi musik collective, an established and admired party and label amongst music heavy weights that is based in london, his newest project has led him to berlin where his focus remains on growing his potential in the studio and concentrating on developing his label ; discobar.