For years electronic music and the clubbing experience have remained stagnant. Nothing has really progressed since a young Richie Hawtin (Skrillex’s Granny) discovered the island of Ibiza while sailing on a raft he made out of some sticks bound together by the hair off the side of his head. Since then, club music has left Europe for America. For example, Berghain was recently demolished to make way for a giant 24 hour Lidl, where Ben Klock and Marcel Dettman are now till operators, and if you look closely enough at Tomorrowland you’ll notice it’s actually just a big pile of cake left by Steve Aoki when he overshot the audience at Coachella due to an excessively filthy drop. Kinda like when you land on the trampoline just after your mate and you bounce really high. This paradigm shift was cemented with Paris Hilton once again securing the DJ Mag #1 spot in their annual top 100. But it’s not just the mainland scene that has migrated, UK electronic music is dwindling; with pioneer Aphex Twin last seen playing banjo in a Mumford and Sons cover band, and former techno mainstay Dave Clarke now going door to door selling hand-drawn pictures of his favourite Eastenders characters. Scotland’s club culture has taken the biggest downward turn of them all, especially after it transpired that Glasgow’s famous cultural hub Sub Club never actually existed. A report found that the entire existence of the place was fabricated by fakers who would make up stories about the place to look cool at parties. Jeff Mills had this to say on the matter: “I flew all the way from Detroit and there was nothing there! I was livid until the promoters took me to Kushion to apologise, fuckin’ sick place that, tongue was blue from all the VKs”. It’s with this in mind that we need to revive, revitalise, and most importantly, REDEFINE club culture in the 21st century.

This is our vision. This is our Redefinition.