Announce new album Every Bad – out 13 th March on

Secretly Canadian

Share new single ‘Sweet’ & announce UK/US tour dates

Watch the ‘Sweet’ video:

Porridge Radio have announced that their debut studio album, Every Bad, will be
released 13 th March on Secretly Canadian. Alongside the album news the band have shared a Sam Hiscox directed video for new single Sweet, as well as brand new tour dates. Speaking on the ‘Sweet’ video, lead singer Dana Margolin explained: “We wanted to capture some of the energy that we get when we play live, and we
all got really into it. I think Sam and his team really got the playful nature of the
song, but also managed to encapsulate a lot of the darkness and raw energy of it.’
The album announcement follows a trio of singles released by Porridge Radio in
2019, which saw the band propelled from a word-of-mouth gem of Brighton’s
DIY scene to one of the country’s most exciting upcoming bands.

Birthed from open mic nights around the seaside town, Margolin initially
performed bedroom-recorded songs to rooms of polite, unassuming audiences
who stared at her quietly while she screamed in their faces. She soon decided to
form a band through which to channel her new love of performing and
songwriting – and be noisier while she was at it – so Porridge Radio was born.
While the band have self-released numerous demos and a garden-shed-recorded
album (2016’s Rice, Pasta and Other Fillers) on Memorials of Distinction, Every
Bad is a culmination of what has been in their head for some time; the record
they have been waiting for the means to record.

It arrives full of grand, sweeping amibition – with vocals so urgent that it often
feels like it is moved by compulsion rather than choice, with all the rawness of
early Karen O, and influences as disparate as Charli XCX and The Cranberries.
Upcoming single “Sweet” is a creeping self-examination, striking in its minutely
observed details, while December release “Lilac” is dominated by a repeated,
anxiety-quelling mantra: “I don’t want to get bitter / I want us to get better.”
These mantras and repetitions are something of a signature and nowhere is it
more deftly put to work than on Every Bad’s closer “Homecoming Song,” with its
decisive, self-awarely poppy percussion, and howling final cry: “There’s nothing

It’s an apt ending for a record which feels like it is so honestly reckoning with
emotions; there’s a sense that by the time you finish, everything has been
vomited up – there really is nothing left. “It captures a lot of the feeling from the
rest of the album of just needing to get something out, and learning how to do
something,” Margolin says.

Speaking the emotional drive behind the record, Margolin explained “A lot of it
was figuring out how I want to exist in relation to others, and how to process my
own feelings, how to be vulnerable, how to show people how I feel. I struggle
with being vulnerable and being open, so that’s something I do through songs.”
And thank goodness she does. Though these songs are deeply personal
explorations, expressed via a weird, beautiful musical language all Porridge
Radio’s own, they extend a hand to every listener who has felt conflicted, held
two feelings in their hearts at once, or flailed around the depths of their own
choices and relationships. For those of us who know how that feels, Every Bad is
a funny, profound little comfort.