For the first time we take control of the Mash House’s Main Room and we do it with a true heavyweight of the International Techno Scene.
Friday 10th February we will have the debut in Scotland of the boss of the American record label Omen Recordings, Axkan.
To complete the line up there will be another great heavyweight of the Scottish Scene, Duellist, opening up the night there wiill be Arrina and closing, PARABELLVM’s co founder,KARMA.
Taking over the bar the other co-founder VMBRA and Adolys, great friend and co-founder of the halftime/dubstep crew, Nook.


Arrina 23:00/00:00
Duellist 00:00/01:00
Axkan 01:00/02:00
KARMA 02:00/03:00


VMBRA and Adolys all night long!


Early birds 3£ (LIMITED)
1st Release 5£
2nd Release 7£
3rd Release 9£
Final Release 10£
10£ or more OTD!

No stranger to the world Techno scene, Axkan is a talented producer based out of Los Angeles. His Techno is highly influenced by Industrial and EBM alongside ethnic rhythms. His darker and noisy style of
Techno is a highly sought out sound and can be found on several labels(i.e. OMEN Recordings, Advanced (Black), Dirty Minds, The Cast Project, Reloading Records, SecreTechno, Rheostatus, From 0-1, GBB, Aerotek, EDR, Format Recordings, Switch Off, etc.)
Despite the rising number of techno artists emerging each year, there is one that has maintained his original and distinctive sound since the 80s, continuing to create original music with the perfect medley of mechanized noise, hard hitting percussion, and ultramodern elements.
We are of course, talking about “Axkan” (meaning “now” or “the present”), an original electronic musician, whom has always worked hard to create and develop his own sound.
To this day he continues to evolve as an artist, adding industrial elements and modular sounds to his music.
Axkan has performed in most cities in the United States, Mexico and
Canada, as well as some opportunities to bring his music to the UK, Germany, France ,Russia, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Peru among others.
After playing together in Los Angeles for OMEN Recordings in a lineup of fire with D.Carbone and EAS, and releasing different music together, Duellist reunites and welcome in Scotland Axkan to completely destroy the Mash House’s main floor.
Arrina will open the dance with a dark industrial set and EBM and KARMA will offer us a worthy and violent closing of great techno nights.
The bar takeover is offered by VMBRA and Adolys with frequencies and sounds involving acid/groove/experimental electronic.