(We strongly recommend buying tickets online ahead as there may be a probable sold out due to limited floor capacity.)

We are glad to announce such a special edition, this is gonna be a night to remember for a long time.
On Friday 23rd December we close this year with a 5am gig which welcome back in The Mash House 3 massive artist, with a 6-hours wild line up:

-DIGITAL DISASTER [TH3 ST3P] (modular live set) 23:00/00:30
-DUELLIST [I.O.D. / SCUDERIA] 02:00/03:30

Johnny is an interdisciplinary artist based in Edinburgh. Along with his solo musical projects Digital Disaster and Forever Alien he is the art director of the interdisciplinary collective TH3ST3P,

In 2019 pushed by the idea of a fully improvisational approach to beat-driven music and fueled by the danger and necessity of being present in the moment, he started Digital Disaster. A modular synthesizers driven project manifested through a chirurgical use of synthesis and aimed to maximise the room for organised chaos and ecstatic states. A hyper-rhythmic, overdriven, bad ass technoish thing, with a focus on engagement with the psychic forces that dominate the ether.

An aesthetic as much as a political act to free music from the conservatism of the established rules and paths to which it is nowadays confined, and use it as medium towards psychological, physical and intellectual liberation.

As you would expect from a proper synthesiser wizard, with his modular case he does magick.
Due to lockdown he only started to perform this way in 2022, but the buzz around his incendiary, mind-altering sets is growing fast.

We are happy to bring back in The Mash House one of the best scottish technoists: Dj Smoker.
Resident and promoter of the legendary MISSING PERSONS CLUB, spinning vinyls since the 90’s and being active on the club scene for over 10 years.
We asked him to give us his darkest side, we expect a total jump into deepness and obscurity.

A true techno heavyweight is coming down for blast ours ears and souls,
Duellist is a producer, dj and live performer, part of Instruments Of Discipline and Scuderia,2 of the best underground techno labels/crews on the scene.
He has performed already all across Europe and made different trips to Asia and North America, like the most recent one to LA for the Omen Recordings, a strong emerging label where he also released his last dark af EP, Occult Sacrifice.
His style can be defined as a raw techno, with heavy industrial and noise contaminations. We can’t be happier to have him with us in this special night, he totally embodies the PARABELLVM’s style and concept!

Our founders and residents join forces in a lethal b2b to close the night in the infamous PARABELLVM way.

Xmas is a the door, and this 5AM edition is our thanks to all of you that supported us in these first parties at the Mash House`s middle floor.
We are looking forward and selectively to the new year!