Overground x Dunt Club

After several months of stewing sexual tension Overground and The Dunt Club collaborate at the height of the Fringe to bring you the Edinburgh-based resident collab night to end all Edinburgh-based resident collabs.

Since its birth in January, The Dunt Club has seen quick success from sold out resident nights at the celebrated The Wee Red Bar to their most recent party, which saw Ectotherm‘s Courtesy test the stability of The Bongo Club‘s roof. The collective’s style brings a fresh concoction of techno, electro, acid, breakbeats and anything in-between, making them a made marriage with Overground.

For the night of holy matrimony, the newlyweds have secured Edinburgh’s most intimate Church of Ma$$iv£ B£at$ otherwise known as ROOMS at the Mash House upstairs for an extended 4.5 hours of choonz. If this isn’t enough, James Wright has confirmed to be taking a ‘how to shuffle and influence people’ seminar in the smoking area during the course of the evening. 

Come down and don’t miss the ~first dance~