Overground: Italo Special

What better way to see in the summer than a tribute to the genre of passion, obsession, lust and desire. We’re linking up with Cybernetic Dreams to bring the finest cuts from Italo and its related subgenres.

This night WILL have a strong LGBTQ+ presence. If you are not okay with this, don’t come. Don’t come to any of our nights. We won’t stand for such intolerance

We will be working with the venue to create an inclusive environment where freedom of expression is held to paramount importance. There will be a zero-tolerance policy on harassment of any form. Examples of which include, but are not limited to: invasion of personal space; discrimination of any type; deliberately causing offense; predatory behaviours; violence and aggression. If you encounter any instances of such acts, please inform us immediately

Gender neutral toilets available 

If you have any suggestions for how our party could be more inclusive, please don’t hesitate to message the Overground facebook page with such ideas, We’d appreciate it.