Overground featuring Happa

Overground are bringing UK Techno’s most promising innovator to The Mash House for his Edinburgh debut. Having been surrounded by buzz since his early teens, Happa is well overdue a visit to our capital, to shell-out his trademark of rough, industrial-textured electronic music. Aged 14, the Leeds-native wunderkin was already receiving radio play from Loefah[SWAMP81] with his early experimentations in dark, dmz-inspired bass music, which Mary Anne Hobbs [BBC Radio 6 Music/XFM 94.8] described as the most remarkable music she’d heard in as long as she could remember. Shortly afterward, Four Tet sought out the young producer for a remix, which received widespread critical acclaim. Such is the talent of teenage happa, that he was playing at some of the most high-profile techno clubs in the world, such as Berghain, Corsica Studios, TrouwAmsterdam, Gashouder Amsterdam and fabriclondon (RIP), before he was old enough to legally enter as a punter.

With a number of impressive club and festival appearances, remixes and productions under his belt, the techno-prodigy has turned his attention to working on his own label – ‘PT/5 Records’. It is named after Part V of the Criminal Justice Act of ’94, which gave police the power to shutdown illegal raves. The first release of this venture was 2015’s ‘PT1 EP’, which displayed a qualitative axis shift for Happa; his aptitude at marrying pounding beats with dark, ominous landscapes was sharpened to a knife-edge. If PT1 was the product of a young artist refining his sound, 2016’s ‘PT2’ is the bass-heavy, hypnotic call to arms of an artist with enough raw talent and perseverance to create something truly astounding. Having more recently been cosigned by James Blake to produce a beat for 1-800-Dinosaur’s latest leftfield grime project with Trim, it seems Happa is already two steps ahead of where the next hype in dance music will be.