Niteshift /// with Beskar, ADMS, Ominous, Brynk

Niteshift is returning to the middle room at Mash House with Beskar, ADMS, Ominous and Brynk.

Having burst onto the scene in 2022 with regular releases on labels like GZ Audio, and Deep In The Jungle, Beskar is ready to take his music to a whole other level in 2023. With productions that span the full spectrum of DnB from soulful liquid and euphoric dance floor bangers, too seriously heavy neuro hitters, he has a little bit for everyone up the sleeves of his pink suit.

ADMS is a talented DJ and producer who will definitely impress the crowd with his energy and cheeky spirit.

We aim to organise intimate club events across Edinburgh showcasing local talents and to provide quality DnB for all you dance floor grafters who work hard on nights out!

Tickets available on RA or £5 OTD