Metropolis Scotland: Prolifix & Pals

The Metropolis Scotland gang assemble for Prolifix & Pals. This nights all about our head honcho and his nearest and dearest- expect faces old & new coming to spin a whole load of genres at our beloved Mash House… and a rave merch stand from the one & only Helen The Melon 🍉👀
Main room/ Dnb, Jungle, Footwork
Torso (Invicta Audio)
Harry Jackson
Bar Area/ Garage, Breaks, 4×4, Footwork and much more unspecified carnage
Clean Up Crew
LuckyDip (Overground)
HeyBreau (Postal)

** We at Metropolis Scotland aim to create a safe space where everyone can dance and have a great night- should you be victim to or witness any degree of homophobic, racist, sexist or otherwise discriminatory behaviour please alert a member of Metropolis or Mash House staff **