The Mess Up presents Hef T. Gid DJ


How are ye? We doing just dandy and ready to mess it all up again with one of our favourite European selector’s Hef T. Gid DJ.

Hef began playing in local bars and clubs in his native Austria, getting his big break when the DJ called in sick at a Wurstelstand where he folded napkins with incredible precision inherited from his mother’s love for Origami.

Hef’s talent was quickly admired by the 10 heads of the scene and most importantly, the ‘Big Time’ records crew. He was taken under the wing of DJ Estä Blished, who took him on her tour of Ibiza, Berlin, Tokyo, Santiago, Miami, and Cumbernauld sharing the decks with the likes of all the best DJs (all of whom played at his afterparties in the sick uptown loft that his parents are TOTALLY not paying for).

A prolific and respected producer of disco edits, Hef as overseen the release of two albums and 10 EPs since he got up this morning. His most recent track ‘Get lit like a Disco Inferno’ has been charted by every single fucking DJ listed on Resident Advisor and Discogs combined with support from all the leading DJs signed to any label that ever mattered—plus his grandma.