Church 3.6: The Last Supper w/ LTJ Bukem

The last one. Ever.

Room 1:
LTJ Bukem DJ (with Ruthless MC)
Royce Rollers

Room 2:

That’s right, ladies and guys. It’s with great regret that we inform you that this show will be our last. It’s been an immense three years, but all good things must come to an end – and sadly that end is nigh.

We’re not going out quietly though…

To mark the occasion, we’ve invited down one of the true founding fathers and innovators of drum and bass music. Inspired by the lush strings and natural ambience of 70s jazz fusion as well as elegiac Chicago house and moody Detroit techno, LTJ Bukem is the living embodiment of the post-acid house entrepreneurial creative spirit. Having played a huge part in bringing the drum and bass concept to the UK’s superclubs and then onto the international stage, the man behind the wire-rimmed glasses continues to ignite dancefloors with his distinctive brand of euphoric liquid and jungle. As emotional send-offs go, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Tickets are live. Due to the significance of this night, we don’t imagine they’ll last very long – so don’t waste any time in booking your place to be a part of our history.

£6 / £8 / £10 / £12


The Mash House