Loud Poets: Bardians of the Galaxy


We’ve received word that a nefariously bureaucratic race calling themselves The Establishment is steadily conquering system after system throughout the cosmos, seeking to enslave all life to an existence of pen-pushing pale-facedness. And they’ve turned their monochrome gaze to Earth!

We can only speculate as to the horror! Television will be reduced to toothpaste adverts! Our diet will be waste paper! We’ll be forced to sleep in filing cabinets! It will be really, really, really… erm… shit.

Thankfully, we’ve received intelligence from our friends at the unfortunately-abbreviated Federation of Asgardian Recon Teams that the invaders have one significant weakness: poetry. Spoken-word. With musical accompaniment. And lots of applause. It makes them cry and forces them to hug a stranger.

The Establishment’s ships will be entering our atmosphere on Friday 26th May, coincidentally right above Edinburgh’s Mash House. So tell your friends! Write some words! Get the awesome playlist on the go! Because the Bardians of the Galaxy will be saving the Earth soon, and it’s going to be EPIC!

Want to help save the world? Why not sign up to our THE VORTEX IS OPEN mic? We’ll select three names on the night to perform – no paper, no prompts, no intros – and the winner will be booked for one of our future monthly shows.

To enter, just comment #IAmLoud below or speak to us on the night.

Entry is £4 on the door, or FREE to some of our Patreons as part of our rewards scheme. To become a Patron, follow this link:


Loud Poets are a collective of musicians, poets, writers and artists based in Edinburgh known for tightly crafted events in Edinburgh and Glasgow where music, poignancy and comedy hit the stage to prove poetry can be enjoyed by the masses.

“Throughout there’s a humour; poignancy and most of all a confidence which serves to inspire.” – The Scotsman

“This is an act not to be missed.” – Broadway Baby

“Loud Poets give me a reason to live.” – Phil Jupitus

#IAmLoud #TheRevolutionWillBeSpoken