Les Zeoles

EdinBal is proud to invite you to this Bal Folk with one of the most exciting and renowned French bands!

Les Zéoles is a dynamic Parisian duo with the diatonic accordion of Amélie Denarié and the chromatic accordion of Anne Guinot who’ve been playing together for over ten years.
Their self-penned lyrical, bittersweet and playful dance tunes are inspired by both traditional and classical French and European music.
Dance is always at the centre of their work, but with their respective training as classical pianists, they also play concerts.
They have produced three albums full of great dance music – Des Papillons Dans le Ventre (Butterflies In The Belly) in 2009, Sur Mesure in 2011 and Urban Rhaphsodies in 2015.

More about Les Zéoles – http://leszeoles.net/