Latin Roots Bachata Class

Latin Roots is a project created by Wellington and Magda with the aim of sharing our passion for Latin rhythms. Through our classes, socials and events we aspire to help the dance community grow bigger and stronger.
Latin Roots came into existence to bring about quality teaching with the focus on technique, spreading the knowledge of the origins and the culture of the dances in a fun and professional way.
We believe that with a strong foundation and solid technique we provide our students with the tools to become the best dancers they can be.
Latin Roots offers the unique experience of learning from a couple which allows both leaders and followers to receive equally informative instructions throughout the whole class, making it a more complete experience.
Latin Roots provides you with a 100% environment for dancers where you can fully enjoy the space, a private and dedicated place for our regular classes and social nights where only bachata, salsa and kizomba will be played.

18:30 – Bachata Beginners
19:30 – Bachata Improvers
20:30 – Bachata Intermediate
21:30 – Bachata Advanced