LaKyoto + Jake Poynter

The beauty is forever in the contrast.

Forming in early 2017, LaKyoto is representative of a new sound, for young people, in ‘The Old City’. The band make electronic pop music with stomping drums, pounding sub-bass and colossal melodies. Arriving on the scene with nothing more than a short, enticing trailer, LaKyoto have caught the immediate intrigue of a city that has embraced the mystery and excitement surrounding the young quartet.

Kyoto – the ‘thousand year capital’ of Japan – is known for its respect and preservation of pre-war architecture, much like Edinburgh’s old town. The name pays homage to the band’s hometown, whilst also impressing their desire to not only rise to the peak of British music, but across the globe.

LaKyoto’s highly-anticipated debut single, ‘Runaway’, was released early 2017.

Bring your war paint and your dancing shoes. LaKyoto have arrived.