Jutland Songs/Fatalists/Regretta Garbo/EVOL DJs

Jutland Songs return from Glasgow to bring their blend of 90s hero indie rock. They are ace. Biography below. Support comes from the excellent Fatalists and Regretta Garbo. Both firm live favourites on the Edinburgh scene.

Jutland Songs is an indie-rock band from Glasgow, Scotland.
The current lineup formed in October 2014 and consists of Colin Kearney (Eska, Monoganon, Stage Blood), Paul Carlin (Dananananaykroyd, American Men), Cecilia Stamp (Futuristic Retro Champions, The Machine Room, Errors) and Brian McKinnon (Pine and Bone, West Palm).

Jutland Songs’ vibe is chunky, chiming guitars, boy/girl vocals, rolling drums and an anchor of a bass.

We belong to the 1990s.
Influences: Superchunk, The Replacements, Sebadoh, Guided By Voices, Polvo, Chapel Hill, Twin Peaks, Aeropress, dogs, cats and Westbrook Gose.

We have played with Monoganon, Good Grief, Pale Angels, SLUG, Codist, American Clay, Slowcoaches and Savage Mansion among others.

Colin takes beer exams, Cecilia makes jewellery, Brian got in a fight at a Smog gig and Paul isn’t Italian.