Shapework / Joy Orbison + Gigsta

After three months away, we’re delighted to announce our next party with Joy Orbison & Gigsta.


Few artists achieve what Joy Orbison has, let alone at the age he has. The now seminal ‘Hyph Mngo’ introduced himself to dance music, shifting the perception of the creative potential for dubstep at the time. Since then, he has gone on to release a vast array of different musical styles on labels such as Hessle Audio, The Trilogy Tapes and his own Hinge Finger label (amongst many others). It is testament to his desire for continued stylistic exploration that he has not only remained relevant but has solidified his position amongst the most talented producers out there. As a DJ this stylistic exploration is evident too, notching up an infamous BBC radio 1 essential mix, a Resident Advisor mix, and recently a particularly diverse mix for Japanese based streetwear brand ‘Cav Empt’. It is with great pleasure that we welcome Joy Orbison to play for us in the intimate confines of the Mash House.

The rising trend of image savvy, social media conscious DJs is very much the zeitgeist of the moment. Fake followers, nauseating social media posts about their lifestyle permeates ever deeper into dance music changing the dynamic between audience and artist. Gigsta stands in complete contrast to all these tropes. Her currency is talent. A gifted DJ whose repertoire spans a broad range of musical offerings and whose sets bring something totally unique- individuality. Originally from Belgium but now living in Berlin, little is known about Gigsta. What we do know is she is one of the most creative DJs out there now. Sets at the excellent No Symbols party (headed by previous guest Beneath), guest mixes for Hessle audio’s Rinse FM show and the much renowned Freerotation festival are testament to her skill and versatility. A selective gig schedule means chances to catch her are few and far between, and it brings us great joy to welcome her to Edinburgh for her Scottish debut.