Industrial Estate // Wrisk

After hosting our first party in Glasgow, we are back in the capital to bring you some of the heaviest hitters the Scottish techno scene has to offer.

This time round we are inviting back Overground boss and past guest WRISK to headline our 4th show of the year. WRISK is Responsible for the Edinburgh debuts of Mall Grab, DJ Seinfeld, Asquith, Chloe Frieda, Minor Science, J-Zbel, Gesloten Cirkel, Jensen Interceptor, JASSS, Pinch, Upsammy + More and is not shy to the hardcore scene in Edinburgh.

In support we have residents AKKØRD, E.DN and SM going B2B with DJ DDSIX.

If you love dark, heavy, industrial techno, then this is where you want to be…we will not disappoint!!!