*POSTPONED, NEW DATE TBC* Iamshaded presents : Nightshade w/ADO

Dundee producer Ado, is well known in the Scottish underground. Having some big successes throughout his career. From the early 2000’s he was carving his name as a formidable force within the scene. Venturing back to his early club days in Dundee, he held a residency at some of the best club nights. Most notably his infamous Ctrl Alt Defeat parties at what was The Reading Rooms. Known for his ability to play inviting opening sets through to melting closing sets, Ado shined in the electro clash period taking influence from the likes of Vitalic & Étienne de Crécy, Mr.Oizo, Daft Punk, and many more. It wasn’t long until his productions were signed.. Boasting big releases on Fake Blood’s Blood Music imprint as well as Tiga’s Turbo label, garnering support from his heros. And now. Over the last few years Ado has been mastering his craft, and is ready to launch new music into the world.


Chris Boyle
Cally T
+ Support

Please give the man a warm welcome back to the big smoke as he lays the pipe at Mashhouse on the 21st of March.