Hypnotikk x Sleaze

We are so excited to bring you our first collab of the year with the wonderful women over at Sleaze Magazine! Since their first issue came out last term they’ve been the talk of the town and if you haven’t heard about them you have been living under a rock! Sleaze Magazine is an online collection of young people’s essays, cultural commentaries and personal pieces. Their Spotlight feature celebrates talent and elevates the voices of our generation. The Laundrette is their unique space for anonymous journalism. They want to give their writers greater freedom of expression or simply offer a place to ‘air out dirty laundry’. We will be bringing you a selection of incredible talents that we know will get your hips moving.

Headlining the night we have the absolutely remarkable Haseeb Iqbal, a man of many talents. From Worldwide FM to independent radio, from chess cafés to dark floors, he has brought his encylcopedic range of records wherever he goes and we cannot wait to see how he will surprise, stun and amaze us when he graces the decks.

Supporting Haseeb will be the iconic duo, Femme45. It isn’t the first time Femme45 have knocked the socks off the Mash House massive, and it won’t be the last unless they actually bring the roof down this time. Their relentlessly groovy selections are feared across Scotland and their set is gonna be one for the ages.

Hypnotikk resident Still Waveley will be joining them on the main stage. He never stops experimenting, and he supposedly has something new cooked up for Mash House. It’s so secretive that he won’t be talking to another soul for the next 2 weeks. All out of dedication to the mix. Fair play.

We’re unbelievably gassed to announce the return of Kaypunk in the front room. Kaypunk has wasted no time since we last joined forces with him and has put on some absolutely spectacular nights across the belt with @legsevents. If we can get even a tincy wincy fraction of the same energy he consistently brings then we’ll be onto a winner.

Last but by no means least, and joining Kaypunk in the front we bring you one half of Beton Brut. Beton Brut are a collective making big splashes across the puddles of Glasgow and we couldn’t resist bringing in their Deejay extraordinaire, Hector, for a set. Having personally heard him demolish the Mash House system with some colossal bass music we are gassed to see him do it again.