Hotline w/ DJ Femme Fresh, Proc Fiskal, Vaj Power + More (5am)

as our usually residency at the bongo club is put on hold due to the fringe taking over the venue, hotline is moving over to the mash house for a special festival takeover…

main room:
11pm – 1am Emily (Miss World – Edinburgh)
1am – 3am DJ Femme Fresh / Neroli
3am – 5am VAJ.Power (FUSE / Subcity Radio)

11pm – 1am LuckyBabe (Hotline)
1am – 3am Creg (Allsorts)
3am – 5am Proc Fiskal (Hyperdub Records)

£5 all night

every genre under the sun

x gender neutral toilets available
x hotline aims to create a night inclusive + representative of women / LGBTQ+ / POC individuals
x everyone welcome