Groovers x Broken Disco - House of Horrors

The best duo since chips and cheese are back together after a short hiatus. Magical things happen when we crank the volume up with Broken Disco. The last time we threw down together, St Paddy’s day, was a night to remember. If you were a witness, you’ll know not to miss this.

It’s Friday 13th Folks, no one wants to sleep alone. Stay up till the witching hour as we return to our spiritual home, The Mash House. With some fresh faces, a whole new bag of music and the same energy we are known for.

~ Broken Disco aka Geoff Taylor (we miss you Marko Polo!)
~ Keith MasonDark Brenkley
~ Edinburgh Disco Lovers – EDL
~ Oscar James
~ Boy North Music
~ Queen Margaret Techno society
~ Ben Cockburn