Fleetmac Wood

Fleetmac Wood presents Tango In The Night Disco, featuring Roxanne Roll and Smooth Sailing, an evening of Fleetwood Mac remixes, edits and originals.

This party gives you a chance to listen to the wind blow from blues to rock to stadium pop to remix in a nightclub context. You need to hear this music loud. You need to move and lose yourself in the dark. You are in safe hands. Fleetmac Wood have been putting on these parties since 2012, when they launched Pyschemagik’s edit of Dreams in a sweaty East London basement. Since then they’ve taken their lovingly curated collection to underground clubs all over the world.

This is not a tribute act. There are no cover versions. They do not simply play a greatest hits CD – if you just want that then maybe stay in. They like to dig a little deeper into their back catalogue and they’ll play remixes that we think expand your Fleetwood Mac journey. It’s like a festival with the best people, because Fleetwood Mac fans are the best people. Fact. You are emotionally charged with your candles burning bright. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself hugging a stranger at the end of the night to Landslide. And technically they won’t be a stranger because, they have good taste like yourself.

A little taste of what these parties are like – https://youtu.be/YAwbqpDE_js.