Rogue Drum and Bass w/ Husk (Dub Loons HiFi)

We are really excited to return with our next instalment of Rogue events!

This time we kick things off with Dub Loons resident Husk!

One of Edinburgh’s own, Husk has been in and about the rave scene for 9 years. Alongside the Dub Loons Hi-Fi crew, armed with the heaviest dub, 140, Jungle and DnB weapons, he’s been smashing the dance, across countless venues, festivals and free parties, up and down the UK.
At the same time developing his own arsenal, with some cheeky bootlegs and his first official release in 2018, Dub Shots EP and then his DnB single Dem Can’t Stop, earlier this year. Full of flavour and heavy bass, these are just a taste of things to come!

As usual Chapel Perilous Sound System will be in full effect and the Rogue DJs will continue their exploration of the Drum and Bass spectrum.

Line Up:
02:00-03:00 Husk
01:00-02:00 Jack Simon (Jungle Set)
23:00-01:00 Rogue Dj’s