Decagram presents Happy Meals, Numbers Are Futile, Atzi Lipsync & The Reverse Engineer

Decagram presents-
Happy Meals,
Numbers Are Futile,
Atzi Lipsync,
and The Rev.

Happy Meals
[2015 Scottish Album of the Year nominated] ‘duo Suzanne Rodden and Lewis Cook (aka Mother Ganga, and one quarter of The Cosmic Dead) have entwined minimalist cosmic disco and sultry synthpop with a Gallic twist on their raunchfest of a debut, Apéro. Opening track ‘Crystal Salutations’ swiftly sets the dimmers down low with a synth-lead and slow Italo build up with reverbed French-Anglo vocals setting the almost horizontal mood for the following five tracks, conjuring up slow BPM gyrations similar to that of minimalist disco demigod, John Forde – but with a Tangerine flavoured psych mothership hovering above.’ – **** Nick Herd, The List (

Numbers Are Futile

‘I thought I’d say that Numbers are Futile were dreamers, detached from the material world, but multiple listens to Sunlight On a Black Horizon tell me that’s not true. … They’re architects – Bauhaus architects, who firmly believed that form should serve function in any design… Numbers are Futile play as if they, too, have their own aesthetic manifesto to uphold.’ – 8/10 Lee Adcock, Drowned in Sound (

Atzi Lipsync & The Reverse Engineer
Presenting our first collaborative new work of the new year: a one-off classical v analog v digital sound and sight mashup brought to you by two prolific Scotland-based audio academics, electronic music studio founder ( and purveyor or Euclidean techno, Dave House and the central belt circuit’s most famous cellist and composer Atsushi Muramatsu.