Creme Fresh featuring DJ D.Dee


Who is DJ D.DEE? It’s not Limmy.

For our next guest of 2017 we bring the man behind the excellent Vancouver record label Pacific Rhythm for his Scottish debut. A label home to everyone’s favourite flower lover Florist, the equally inimitable Lndrcroy and the producer behind one of our favourite 1080p releases, Khotin.

D.DEE also hosts weekly nights at his Vibe Corridor party and the list of people they had play in 2016 reads like a who’s who of the Canadian Riviera scene, have a look here:

If we haven’t sold you yet here’s a link to b2b session with Jack J, it’s four hours of sonic good times (mix 085)

Tickets are £7 because international DJs cost money but there are rumours of a £5 guest list (more to follow).

We are back again on the very top floor of the Mash House and rumour has it they are doing some serious upgrades so expect something new.

Last thing incase you forgot already, it’s not this dude djing

Can’t wait to see you there.