Club_Nacht x Yip Yap Reunion

On Saturday, December 9th we team up with Yip Yap, one of Edinburgh’s most iconic parties in years gone for a night of nostalgia, and celebration of the citie’s rich music scene. Original Yip Yap residents Gareth Sommerville and Davy Brown are reuniting to take you on a journey back to the mid-90s house music era.

Yip Yap, a legendary club night that graced Edinburgh from October 1993 to late July 1997, left an indelible mark on the city’s nightlife. I-D Magazine hailed it as “Ruling Saturday nights in Edinburgh,” while The List declared it “The apogee of Edinburgh’s club scene.” For those who experienced it, Yip Yap was an unforgettable part of Edinburgh’s musical heritage.

Musically, Yip Yap offered the kind of US based house sounds now fetishized by the Youtube generation and Discogs diggers alike – counterpointing uplifting garage vocals with deep and throbbing tracks that fitted perfectly with party.