Club_Nacht ⥊ Marcel Vogel ⥊ 5am Festival Special
A guru of good vibes, Marcel Vogel is known for his earnest sincerity and absolute dedication shining through his productions, label works and DJ sets.
Fueled by a desire to establish community and connection on the dancefloor, Marcel mixes disco, soul, house, and gospel to make people dance together. He is never bound to any single style and his eclectic energy can be felt through every mix and release.
As a DJ, Marcel has been blessed to share his distinctive blend of rare grooves across the globe from Australia, Hawaii, Hong Kong, and Europe, especially the UK wither by himself or by putting together exciting line-ups for the Lumberjacks in Hell label nights.
The Lumberjacks in Hell label boss has remixed the music of popular acts such as Hot Chip, Phenomenal Handclap Band, and Flamingo Pier while also releasing a compilation with the legendary BBE imprint titled: The Sound of Lumberjacks in Hell next to A&Ring the releases of his own label.
With a set for Boiler Room, monthly radio shows for Universal Rhythms, an upcoming EP for Shall Not Fade with Tim Jules among many other well-known concepts already under his belt, Marcel still insists that he is only just getting started.
RM 1:
Marcel Vogel (Lumberjacks in Hell / Shall Not Fade / Intimate Friends / Tusk Wax) [3 hour set]
Jacuzzi General B2B Ann Tweak (EHFM / Paradise Palms / The Mirror Dance)
Mairi B (Mumbo Jumbo / The Street)
RM 2:
Hand-made (Hand-made with Love / EHFM / Sneaky Pete’s)
Re.leaf & sosi (GRDN)
+ more TBA
RM 3:
Line-up TBA
Club_Nacht past guests inc. Move D, Francesco Del Garda, Asquith, Optimo (Espacio), Holly Lester, Space Dimension Controller, Bradley Zero, Loods, Swoose, Austin Ato, Bailey Ibbs, and many others ♨️
And Hectors past guests inc. KDJ, Honey Dijon, Krystal Klear, Alfredo, Robert Owens, Heller & Farley, Jocelyn Brown, Gene Hunt, Dan Shake, Black Coffee, Bill Brewster, 808 State, and 100s others (many of which were Edinburgh/Scotland debut) over the past decade ㋡
Expect a line-up worthy of the two parties celebrating the first proper Edinburgh festival in three years!!!
Lass Uns Party Machen