Circle 14 with Kairogen

Following Kairogen’s explosive debut at EPiKA night in August this year, we had to invite her again – this time for a headline set! We were impressed with her eclectic yet cohesive selections, and can’t wait to see her harder,more dance-oriented sound.

The moniker ‘Kairogen’ comes from the Greek word ‘kairos’ (the right/opportune moment) and ‘gen’ (to generate/create). The Glasgow-based DJ and producer interacted with music and club culture for multiple years, through research, music production and working in Glasgow’s clubs.

With a series of impressive bookings across the UK over the last few years – alongside techno legends such as SLAM, Perc, Blasha and Allat, Avalon Emerson and more – she has built her name in the UK scene. We are delighted to welcome her in the Mash House walls, in our second party of the third year of EPiKA’s residency at the club.

Kairogen will be supported by EPiKA’ resident, ona:v, as well as two artists outside of the collective. DJ Thought Criminal, a vinyl DJ from Aberdeen, who is truly a legend in her local scene, and the Glasgow-based DJ and producer, iluna.

LAST ENTRY at 2.15 am.