Church 2.3: Bassboy

The saga continues…

Room 1:

Room 2:
Gouranga & Gusteau

Bassboy is the brains behind some of the biggest tunes in the garage and bassline repertoire. With a keen talent for putting bass flips on old school garage vocals (his ‘Babycakes’ remix has received consistent support from the likes of DJ EZAnnie Mac and My Nu Leng), his infectious, off-kilter drum grooves and heavy basslines have been shutting down raves throughout the UK and further afield over the last few years. He’s also worked with a whole host of prestigious vocal talent including SkeptaTrillaKozzie and Autumn Rowe, and enjoyed a recent collaboration with previous Church guest Bru-C.

Church residents complete the lineup with Walters and Ashmore on warm-up duties in the main room and disco heads Grahma and Gouranga & Gusteau taking control of room 2 all night.