Carlton Doom [Edinburgh debut] ⥊ plus more TBA ⥊ Club_Nacht
The June edition of Club_Nacht features the Edinburgh debut of the one and only, Carlton Doom!
For a long time Carlton Doom has been one of the most respected producers and DJs in Belfast but relatively a hidden gem when it came to the bigger picture.
After having debuted alongside Lena Willekins, DJ Stingray and Dexter in Manchester along with a few more southern sets his name slowly began spreading on the underground scene.
Fast forward to 2022, the enigmatic producer is coming hot off the back of releases on Or:la and Breakwave’s Deep Sea Frequency label as well as Dixon Avenue Basement Jams’ Neutralizer label all to rave reviews from Mixmag and DJ Mag among others.
Carlton’s sound is purpose built for clubs but well layered and versatile enough for radio, receiving support on NTS and Rinse from Mumdance, Or:la, Avalon Emerson, Brame & Hamo and more this year!
Tickets on sale now:
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