In Bloom - Bwana/Nathan Micay

Bwana AKA Nathan Micay has been on our radar for a while. Under his own name he’s just released a special 12” on Whities. Two heartfelt yet hard-hitting tracks which created an ID frenzy following a few Avalon Emerson sets. There’s also Bwana’s unforgettable Akira OST-flipping LP on LuckyMe, check that if you haven’t.

In Bloom is a new party, we’re going to bring you more and we’re starting off strong.

Ash Is
Shaun G
Mondo Bongo
Onda b2b Seamus

Everyone is welcome at our parties and we aim to be a safer space. Please let us know if there is anything that needs brought to our attention and we’ll assist.

£8 online/£10 OTD