Burn Out

Burn Out has officially moved down from the desolate dreams of the North. Beats are a social construct. Burn Out is where fever trips go for a pint. Of the three lucid dreams you’ll experience in a lifetime only one will be real.

Fast. Slow. Shit. Amazing.

Electronic music like you’ve never heard it before.
Bin your dance shoes, run barefoot to Mash House and be ready to Burn.Out.

Phlegethon can be described with three words: unapologetic, purposeful and abyssal. With 9 years of experience, he has developed an insatiable love for the eccentric, boundary-breaking takes on engineered sound. Long-time lurker and resident DJ of several off-shoot clubnights and rave collectives (VITAL, Shiva Sonic, Psychedelic Madness, IW, Love Boat).

$mak$hootah wishes he was William S. Burroughs – but lacking the gear he’s just a man with raw repression ready to burst. Influences from heavy-metal are more than apparent yet he has found a new form of expression through machine music: modulated automations, dry drum rolls, pain.