Bloke Music (Independent Venue Week)

Born under Capricorn, Bloke Music is an unforgiving band of men who like nothing better than taking things apart and putting them back together again. The sound of the band is inspired by many facets of life – like the feeling a man gets when mixing Araldite, stroking one’s own stubble or grouting.

Cleaning Music’s gutters is a thankless task but someone has to do it. Frontman Chris Flynn, previously of wonk-pop trio Bo Deadly, weaves impossible vocal melodies through an overgrown allotment of sound made by drummer Ricki Thomson (ex- Jackie Treehorn/ Gastric Band) and guitarists Kieran Savage ( Elastic Leg Party) and Bruce Wallace ( Super Adventure Club/ Gastric Band). The band’s stockpile of songs pays homage to music that has repelled ladies for generations, like prog-rock, contemporary classical, and Michael McDonald..