Artiisan's First Birthday With Volrupus [LIVE]

After 1 year of fantastic parties all around Edinburgh in The Bongo Club, The Mash House and Sneaky Pete’s we feel it’s time for a little celebration! On Wednesday 11th September we bring Volruptus over from Berlin for a very special live Scottish debut in The Mash House for our first birthday!! In the middle of freshers week this one’s sure to be an exciting affair!

He brought the BASS from outer SPACE 2 YER FACE!!!
The Unruly and groovy. The sneaky and freaky.
The Alien Boogie commander known as Volruptus is on a mission to make you move!

Originally hailing from Iceland, Volruptus is renowned across the scene for consistently providing impeccable live sets filled with rapid-fire electro and unrelenting acid tinged techno. He will be sure to set The Mash House ablaze with his extraterrestrial sonic landscape for his first time playing in Scotland!

Volruptus live boiler room:

Dimensions Festival Mix: