Arcoiris: Harbingers Drum Crew + Brass, Aye? + Conundrummers

A carnival atmosphere with a unique mix of street bands and mardi music, featuring the heaviest drums and the bounciest brass for miles around. Bring your earplugs, aye? 

Harbingers Drum Crew 
Brass, Aye? 
DJ Crispy 
DJ Corbett (Artesfera) & live percussion from Alex Palmer (Jambouree

Harbingers Drum Crew: 120dB of neck-snapping industrial beats and breaks, this crew plays louder than the damn sound system. Low down and dirty live drumcore. Unmissable.

Brass, Aye?: Glasgow’s shiniest brass disco party onslaught! 

Conundrummers: This band grew out of Beltane’s ‘Aether Drummers’. You think you know where you are – but then suddenly everything changes. What is real? What is imaginary? What is defined only within our own conceptions of time and music?